Spruce Up Your Yard

Posted: April 28, 2022

A well-maintained and contemporary manicured lawn.

Our midwestern winters may be snowy and cold, but our spring and summer months are so pleasant! Why not spend as much times as you can outside while it’s warm? Here are a few ways you can spruce up your yard to maximize your time outdoors.

  • Grow a Garden: How would you like to get all the ingredients for your salad or salsa from your backyard? It doesn’t get more local than that! You can grow your plants in the ground, in raised garden beds or in containers. If you’re a first-time gardener, try starting with herbs or vegetables that are easier to grow such as tomatoes, lettuce and bell peppers.
  • Build a Patio or a Deck: Create the perfect space to dine al fresco with your family or friends. If you’re installing a patio, choose from several materials such as concrete, stone, brick, pavers or gravel. If you’re building a deck, you can pick from various types of wood, composite and aluminum options.
  • Lay Mulch: Mulch can help you reduce weeds, retain moisture, protect plants and add a nice accent to your lawn. Spring is a great time to do it. Just edge the area you want to add mulch to contain it and add a layer about 2-4 inches thick. Smooth it out using a rake or your hands while wearing gloves. Lightly water the mulch for 1-2 days after laying it.
  • Prune Your Trees and Shrubs: Regular pruning will keep your trees and shrubs healthy and looking great. Remove any diseased, damaged or dead branches.
  • Plant Perennials: Beautify your yard with attractive flowers and plants. Plant perennials such as hostas, peonies and coneflowers. Watch them bloom again each spring!
  • Gather ‘Round the Fire: Consider building or buying a firepit. It’s a great way to enjoy your yard after it gets dark. Make some memories as you roast s’mores and tell stories around the fire!
  • Install a Fence: Whether you want to keep your kids and pets safe in your yard, enjoy more privacy or add another layer of security, installing a fence has a number of benefits. Just be sure to check with your municipality your Homeowner’s Association and for any guidelines.
  • Add a Swing Set: Tired of your kids complaining that they’re bored? Keep them active as they swing, climb and slide the day away!

If you need financing for your larger yard projects, we can help with a home equity loan or a flexible Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC).