Loan Rates
(% as low as) Rate APR*
Home Equity Line of Credit   Locked for 18 mos  1.99
Home Equity Loans 2.90 2.90
Auto Loans as low as 1.99 1.99
Mortgage 15-year Fixed 2.990 3.085
Mortgage 30-Year Fixed 3.875 3.929
Deposit Rates
(% as high as) Rate APY*
Premium Checking 7.25 7.50
Health Savings Account 0.75 0.75
Premium Money Market 0.45 0.45
15-Month Certificate Special 1.24 1.25
5-year Certificate 1.44 1.45

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EMV Chip Cards

New Chip Card Technology

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Fraud Prevention

Help keep your computer and identity safe from fraud with our security tips.