Youth Accounts

Empower your teen to make smart money moves! 
Need a checking and savings account for your teen? Whether they need to deposit paychecks from their summer job or are trying to save up to buy their first car, we’ve got your teen covered with great checking and savings options. 
Open Account Online

Give them hands-on experience managing money.

Teens get to enjoy many of the features our adult members do. They can check their account balance, deposit checks and even manage their debit card on their phone. Plus, there are plenty of convenient in-network ATM options when they need cash. 

  • Digital Banking App

    Help your teen manage their money and learn financial skills with easy-to-use online tools in our Digital Banking app.
  • Over 34,000 In-Network ATMs

    No guarantees they'll stop asking their parents for money, but they will have access to plenty of convenient ATMs nearby.
  • Mobile Deposit

    Your teen can deposit checks directly into their account on the go with our Mobile App.
  • Card Managment

    Whoops! Misplace the debit card? With our Card Management tool, they’ll have the power to lock and unlock their card in Digital Banking or our mobile app.

Get started with a checking and savings account. 

Cash or rewards? Your teens can pick their perks! Each Youth Checking Account comes with a VIP Savings Account2 as well. 

Open Youth Account 

  • Premium Checking

    Earn 7.50% APY
    on balances up to $5003
  • Rewards Checking

    Earn rewards like gift cards, travel and merchandise5
  • VIP Checking

    Earn 0.05% APY
    on balances $2,500 and higher4

Youth Account Requirements

  • Age 14-17

    Youth accounts4 are designed for teens between the ages of 14 and 17. 
  • 2 Forms of ID*

    A student’s Wisconsin ID, Driver’s License, school ID or current pay stub are acceptable forms of identification. 
  • Joint Owner

    A parent or legal guardian is required to be a co-owner until the age of 181.
  • Start with $40

    Includes the minimum $5 deposit for VIP Savings, and $35 deposit for personal checking accounts. 

*We require two forms of ID, with one form including a photo. A paystub will not replace the photo ID option. If the minor does not have a Student ID or State ID, Landmark requires the use of a birth certificate AND social security number (SSN) card for the minor’s identification.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • If you want to open a Youth Checking and Savings Account simultaneously, you can complete the application process online. 

    If you wish to open only a Youth Savings Account or only a Youth Checking Account, you will need to visit a branch and talk with an associate. Additionally, if you already have a Youth Savings Account and you wish to open a Youth Checking Account you will still need to visit a branch.
  • A birth certificate and social security card will be acceptable forms of ID if your minors' school does not give out school IDs.
  • For the parent or guardian to be removed from account at age 18, both parties will need to visit their local branch and sign a  change of joint ownership form. 
APY = Annual Percentage Yield
1 - For the parent or guardian to be removed from account at age 18, both parties will need to visit their local branch and sign a joint owner release form. Co-owner is required for all online youth account applications.
2 - Required for membership.
3 - Earn 1 point for every $2 in signature-based debit card purchases. Points will be earned based on your qualifying net purchases (purchases minus returns and/or other related credits). You do not earn points for unauthorized or fraudulent charges or for fees of any kind on your card account.
4 - A "Youth Account" is a checking or savings account opened by a person under the age of 18 that requires an adult co-owner. Other than the adult co-ownership requirement, there are no differences in the terms of such an account.