Landmark Breaks Ground on New Oconomowoc Branch

Posted: June 13, 2023

New Oconomowoc Branch Location
The new Oconomowoc branch is expected to open in spring of 2024 and will bring innovative banking features to the community.   
Landmark Credit Union is breaking ground today on a new branch concept in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. This branch will offer a modern approach to in-person banking with its unique design and both self-service and guided transaction areas for its members.

“We’re excited to share this new design with expanded and innovative ways to bank with our members in the Oconomowoc community,” said Brian Melter, Chief Experience Officer of Landmark Credit Union. “We feel our new branch will not only make the banking experience more approachable for our members but will reinforce our commitment to advancing our technological offerings to make financial management easier for everyone.”

The all-new 4,235-square-foot location will be the first in the United States to offer a Swissmade, secure and automated safe deposit box system, all-new coin machines which directly deposit proceeds into member accounts, and self-service transaction kiosks. Additionally, the branch will have 24/7 pick-up and drop-off lockers available to enable the safe exchange of items and TYME Advanced ATMs available with video teller assistance available beyond normal branch hours. The updated approach and layout will encourage a relaxed and conversational setting for those with more in-depth needs.

While the new location will look to the future with its innovative approach, it will also nod to the past. The architecture will include local design elements such as murals of Oconomowoc landmarks on the exterior, cream city brick walls and iron bow trusses and other industrial elements modelled after those found at the Rex Chainbelt Company, an organization rooted in Landmark Credit Union’s 90-year history.

In the past year alone, the existing Oconomowoc branch helped members with thousands of new accounts and more than $20 million of home equity loans. Its popularity has made way for the development of the new branch, which is set to open in spring of 2024. Anyone interested in staying up to date on construction or becoming a Landmark member is welcome to stop by the existing Oconomowoc branch at 955 Lexington Dr, Oconomowoc, WI 53066 for more information.

The new Oconomowoc branch, located at 1391 Olympia Fields Drive, Oconomowoc, WI 53066, will offer new flexible ways to bank and will have an industrial style that nods to Landmark Credit Union’s manufacturing roots.

Founded in 1933, Landmark Credit Union is a not-for-profit that’s focused on serving its members by delivering lower rates, providing better and more personal service and investing in technology that improves the member experience. Landmark Credit Union has more than $6 billion in total assets, more than 360,000 members, 35 branches and over 900 employees. Its 35 branches serve Milwaukee, Waukesha, Washington and Ozaukee Counties. For more information, visit