Pay Yourself with Landmark Rewards

Posted: April 1, 2019

Two friends are shopping together with the benefits that they gathered with their reward points.

“Would you like to sign up for our rewards program today?”

If you’re new to a store, or at least an unfamiliar face to its employees, there is a good chance an employee will ask you this question at checkout. You may be tempted to say no for several reasons. Maybe you don’t shop at that store enough to warrant the rewards program, you don’t want to be bombarded with emails and offers or you can’t fit another store’s loyalty card on your key ring. However, you could be missing out on some serious benefits by not taking advantage of the store’s free rewards program. Here’s why:

Discounts for members

Rewards programs have evolved from the punch card where after you buy ten meals you get one for free. Now, you can receive discounts on items simply by being a rewards member at a store you frequent. Many stores display their products with the regular price and then the discounted member price next to it. If the rewards program is free to sign up and you shop at the store regularly, signing up for the rewards program could save you a pretty penny each time you check out.

Access to exclusive offers

On top of saving money each time you shop, rewards members can access special offers before the general public. Stores want to show their loyal shoppers some love by rewarding them with exclusive promotions or freebies of new products. Some retailers even set up rewards programs where you can shop and earn points at their store, and then redeem those points at any other retailers they have a partnership with. Whether it’s doorbuster deals on Black Friday or receiving a free item the next time you check out, rewards programs can help you save on your favorite items or even discover new ones!

Cash in on rewards

In the same vein of free things, some rewards programs allow you to cash in on your accumulated rewards for in-store dollars or even receive an item for free. Maybe there is an appliance you’ve had your eye on for a while. Instead of waiting for a sale, use the “money” you’ve earned through rewards to buy it.

The purpose of rewards program is in the name itself: to reward loyal shoppers. Whether it’s shaving a few dollars off of your weekly grocery bill, accessing exclusive store offers or treating yourself to an item you’ve wanted for a while, rewards programs are set up to benefit customers.

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