Budget Friendly Exercises

Posted: August 5, 2022

A member is at home doing on exercises in their living room.

Exercise has a multitude of health benefits like improving heart health and reducing anxiety and depression, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Want to incorporate more physical activity into your routine, but you don’t have the budget to buy an expensive gym membership or large piece of equipment like a stationary bike? We have plenty of low and no-cost ideas for you!

  • Outside Movement: The simplest option is step out your front door and start moving. It doesn’t cost anything to take a walk or run. You can also go for a bike ride or rollerblading if you already own the right gear. Enjoy the fresh air and sunshine!
  • Online Fitness Videos: There are tons of free fitness instruction videos on YouTube. Move your coffee table out of the way, fire up your laptop and boom! You’ve got yourself a Zumba, yoga or pilates studio in your living room.
  • Playgrounds: Have kids, grandchildren or nieces and nephews? Bring them to a local playground and run around with them! Play tag, walk around the pond and maybe even hop on the swings too. Use an app like Playground Buddy to find a spot near you.
  • Mall Walking: Want to get your body moving, but the weather isn’t great? Try mall walking. You can walk, roll your wheelchair or push a stroller in a temperature-controlled space with good lighting and flat surfaces. Plus, there are plenty of places to sit if you would like to take a break and there are restrooms if you need them.
  • State Parks: Wisconsin residents can purchase an annual Wisconsin State Park System vehicle admission sticker. Once you get your sticker, you’ll have unlimited access to Wisconsin State Parks for the entire year. Find a park you want to explore for a hike, bike or swim!
  • Housework: Why not get two birds with one stone? Take care of your home and your fitness at the same time! In the warmer months, you can mow your lawn with a push mower or do some heavy gardening like digging and pulling weeds. In the winter, you can shovel snow. You can also do some cleaning indoors that will get your heart rate up such as vacuuming or scrubbing floors.  
  • Recreation Classes: Check out your municipality’s recreation department offerings. You might find affordable classes for activities such as cycling, aquatics and martial arts.
  • Makeshift Weights: No dumbbells? No problem. Use items you have around your home. You can do reps using soup cans to build your arm strength, for example.
  • Fitness Courts: Search nationalfitnesscampaign.com to see if you have a fitness court near you. These courts offer circuit training equipment outdoors that is free and available to the public.

Try some of these ideas so you can enjoy the physical and mental health benefits of exercise without any detriment to your financial health!