Five Signs You Need a New Car

Posted: September 8, 2022

A smiling member is seen driving their car during the day.

As you watch your odometer turn from 99,999 to 100,000 miles, you might be asking yourself if it’s time to start car shopping. While you don’t necessarily have to replace your vehicle just because it has some miles on it, here are five signs that you might be ready to move on to a new car.

1.) Your vehicle is unreliable

Have car troubles caused you to miss important work meetings or made you late to pick up your kids at school? Are frequent trips to the mechanic causing too many disruptions in your schedule? If your car isn’t dependable to get you from point A to point B, then it’s no longer fulfilling its purpose.

2.) You have safety concerns

Your car should be safe to drive. You don’t want to drive a vehicle that is breaking down every couple of months and making you nervous to drive on the highway, for example. Even if your current vehicle doesn’t have significant safety issues, you might just feel more comfortable in a newer vehicle that offers more safety features such as a rear backup camera, lane-departure warning systems and blind spot warning systems. Perhaps you want technology that will enable you to make hands-free calls as well.

3.) You’ve had a lifestyle change

If your family is growing and you’re not sure your car can accommodate another car seat, it might be time to upgrade to something more spacious. Or perhaps you’ve accepted a job with a longer commute, and you want something that is going to be able to handle a winter snowstorm. With a major life event, you might find your current vehicle just isn’t meeting your needs anymore.

4.) You’re putting a lot of money into it

If you are constantly replacing major parts such as your transmission, brakes, or engine, that can add up over time. If the repairs you need to make cost more than your car is worth, then keeping your old car doesn’t make financial sense. Plus, you might want to consider the cost of your insurance premiums. Insurance providers might view an aging car as a liability and increase your rate over the years.

5.) You want better gas mileage

Whether you spend your weekend exploring new campgrounds or travelling to soccer tournaments, if you put a lot of miles on your car you might want something with better gas mileage. Due to government fuel and emissions regulations as well as consumer demand, automakers are continually making fuel economy improvements. If you’re really sick of paying at the pump, you could also consider getting a hybrid or even an electric vehicle for your next set of wheels.

If you were nodding your head as you read through this list, we can help you finance your new vehicle with quick, local servicing and a low rate.

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