Check Your Credit Score With Credit Hub!

Posted: April 28, 2022

Updated: June 7, 2023

A member is smiling on their couch as they learn about the benefits of Credit Hub.

We’re excited to offer you a free credit score and monitoring tool to help you stay on top of your credit and learn how to improve it. Credit Hub, powered by SavvyMoney, is available within Digital Banking and our Mobile App (Google Play and App Store).

Check Your Credit Score

When is the last time that you checked your credit score? With Credit Hub, you can refresh and see your score daily!

View Your Credit Report

Do you know what’s on your credit report? Find all the information listed on your credit file including current and previous loans, accounts and credit inquiries. You can also see the details on your payment history, credit utilization and public records.

Get Credit Monitoring Alerts

Keep an eye out for identity theft with email alerts. You’ll get notified any time there is a significant change to your credit score or activity.

Try the Score Simulator

Use the Score Simulator to test out actions to see how your score could be impacted. Different actions, might make your score move up or down, like paying off a credit card balance or applying for a new loan.

View Credit Tips

Building credit might seem confusing, but it doesn’t have to be! Read tips and articles on credit and lending within Credit Hub.

Ready to Dive In?

Digital Banking Instructions:

  1. Log into Digital Banking.
  2. Locate the “Credit Hub” widget and click “Show my Score”.
  3. Accept disclosures when prompted.1

Mobile App Instructions:

  1. Log into Mobile App.
  2. Click "Credit Hub" in bottom navigation.
  3. Click "Continue" button and accept disclosures when prompted.1

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