New Oconomowoc Branch: Summer 2024

Discover Landmark’s next-generation branch. Coming Summer of 2024 to Oconomowoc, Wisconsin.
Landmark Credit Union new Oconomowoc branch.

Saying Yes to a New Address

At Landmark we prioritize you, our members. To better serve our Oconomowoc community and its banking needs, we are preparing to move to a new location. It may be a new building, but you’ll still see the same familiar faces and experience the same friendly environment that you’re used to. 

What’s changing? Besides the building, we’ve added self-service upgrades and faster access to your accounts to make your banking easy and enjoyable. We hope you’re as excited as we are for this next step! 

Come see us at our new branch this July less than a mile and a half down the road from the current location:

1391 Olympia Fields Drive

Rendering of new Landmark Oconomowoc branch

Get Ready for the New Branch

Our new branch is on its way to completion. Are you prepared? Check out the tips below to get up to speed before the transition. 

3 Tips to Prepare for The Move

1. Get Your ATM, Credit or Debit Card

You will need a card to use some of the upgraded technology like our coin machine, safe deposit boxes or ATMs. If you currently own a debit card, you’re covered! Don't have one? Chat with an associate to see what other cards you might be able to use such as a credit card or ATM card. 

2. Try a TYME® Machine

Try out our TYME® Advanced ATMs located in branch. These offer fast access to your accounts, virtual teller service, account payments and much more. 

3. Ask Questions

We know you may have some questions, and we're happy to answer them! Our associates are here to help make the transition smoother.

Explore the Future of Banking

Take a virtual tour of our new Oconomowoc Branch and get an exclusive sneak peek at what's ahead.

A New Banking Experience

Alongside a new modern design, this new Landmark branch will have innovative technology that will make each member’s banking experience easier and more efficient. Moving forward, we wanted to provide different banking options to suit each member’s needs. It is important to us that we cater to those who are comfortable with more self-service as well as those who prefer traditional support on their accounts. These new changes will allow users to complete their banking needs on their own with the tap of a button or with live teller assistance—no need to stand in line or wait for an associate. With the new self-service upgrades, our associates can focus their attention on supporting those who prefer full-service options. Keep in mind, our associates are always there to assist members with new self-service technology if needed. Below are some of the new improvements that our branches will provide.

  • Discover Convenience with TYME® Advanced ATMs!

    Deposit checks, withdraw cash in denominations of your choice, make Landmark loan and credit card payments and more.
    Discover TYME® Advanced ATM
  • Safeguard Valuables with a Safe Deposit Box

    Access your safe deposit box during business hours using our automated safe deposit box system.
    Explore Safe Deposit Boxes
  • Simplify Coin Deposits with Self-Serve Machines

    As a member, you will be able to deposit proceeds from coins directly into your Landmark account without the need for teller assistance.
    Discover Coin Machines

Past Blends with Future

The design of this new branch combines iron trusses, beams and rooflines as a nod to our industrial roots, but with all the convenience of modern technology. We wanted to give Oconomowoc and its members a brand-new experience that not only makes visits easier but also displays a comfortable environment. Moving forward, we plan to bring new banking improvements to as many branches as we can. We’ve been part of southeastern Wisconsin for 90 years and counting, and we look forward to continuing to grow alongside our membership!

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about the new Landmark branch coming to Oconomowoc? We are excited to share the latest upgrades to your banking experience and we understand that when something is new, there are often questions or concerns. Even though there are changes you are always welcome to talk with an associate for assistance or for your normal banking needs. We hope you’ll get as excited as we are for the new branch to arrive. For now, here are answers to some frequently asked questions on the topic

  • In addition to the new building design, other new features include a self-serve coin counting machine and an automated safe deposit box system. Just like the other technology changes, associates will be on hand during operating hours to provide assistance for any member that needs it.
  • We anticipate the opening of the new Oconomowoc branch to be in the spring of 2024.
  • We are always striving to make banking easier and more efficient for our members. Some members prefer a hands-on approach and completing transactions on their own and we wanted to provide that opportunity at this new branch. However, for those who feel more comfortable with full-service support, they will have it available to them. It is really the best of both worlds. With the self-service option available, our associates can spend more time with members who prefer full-service assistance.
  • Not at all! These changes are being made as improvements for your banking experience. All your account information will stay current, and you can continue to interact with Landmark normally. As always, talk with an associate within the branch if you have any additional questions.
  • Instead of using tubes to send information back and forth from the member to the branch, our drive-thru will feature three new TYME® Advanced ATM machines with video teller and optional live teller assistance. These video tellers allow members to complete routine transactions and operate much like a traditional ATM.

    If assistance is needed or if you prefer operating in the traditional manner, you only need to tap a button to connect to a live teller. At that point they will provide on-the-spot help ensuring you have the support you need through any transaction.

Outdoor View

Building Interior Preview

Lobby Rendering

Lobby Charging Station

Branch Exterior Look

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