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Credit/Debit Card Reissue

For the protection of our members' debit and credit cards, Landmark’s ongoing fraud monitoring service is on heightened alert and we are actively evaluating any fraud trends that may be attributed to recent retail data breaches. We continue to work closely with Visa to determine any impact to our cardholders.

Landmark debit and credit cards that may have been impacted are being reissued and mailed to our members. Your existing card(s) will continue to work until your new card(s) arrives. Please watch for your new card(s) in the mail, and activate them immediately upon receipt.

After activating your new card, you will need to change any recurring or automated payments tied to your card to reflect the new information. Recurring payments will not update automatically and will not be paid without action on your part.

We want to thank our cardholders for their patience and support as we continue to make every effort to protect the security of your financial information. If you have any questions, please visit any of our 32 branch locations, or call us at 262-796-4500.

Updated information will be posted below.


Monitor Your Accounts

We encourage our cardholders to continue to take the following steps:

  1. Actively monitor your card activity utilizing our Online and Mobile Banking solutions.
  2. Establish alerts to receive notifications of your card transactions.
    • Debit Card – alerts can be set for any withdrawal from your account over a minimum amount. Inside of Online Banking, click on the Text & Alerts from the top navigation, select Add an alert, select Large withdrawal and set your account and amount options. This alert option is specific to any account withdrawal, including debit card transactions.
    • Credit Cards - inside of Online Banking, click on the Credit Card title from the My Accounts screen. Select the Alerts option from the top navigation on the next screen.
  3. Report any unauthorized transactions immediately.
  4. To change your Visa Debit Card PIN, visit any Landmark ATM, or call 262-796-4500, option 4.
  5. Consider monitoring your credit report going forward. The law requires the three reporting companies (Equifax, Experian and Trans Union) to give a free copy every 12 months upon request.