FWIW-January 2017

General Newsletter - For What It's Worth

January 2017 |  Volume 47 |  Issue 1


  • Financial Fitness Goals
  • Tax Resources
  • Spring Member Trip
  • First-time Home Buyer Seminars


Fall 2016 Building Wealth

Investment Center - Building Wealth

Fall 2016


  • Changing Jobs
  • Women Driving Financial Decision-Making
  • To Young to Invest? - Think Again!



Visit the 5-Spot Clubhouse and discover tons of stories and games about money. The Savings Calculator will show you how long it will take you to reach your money saving goals. You can also see pictures or read about how kids your age are starting businesses, and lots more!


Middle School - AJ's

Do you know that your regular allowance, gift money and pay from jobs can earn you even more money? Check out AJ’s Mall to see how you can save more by earning interest at the credit union. You’ll find great tips on saving and earning money, as well as fun articles about all kinds of other stuff. Share ideas with other kids by posting comments!


High School - C-Note

Whether you are saving for a car, saving for college or want to learn more about your finances, C-Note has great info for you! Look at scholarship options, learn about ways to make and save money, or just check out the cool games and blogs.