Fee Schedule

This schedule, effective January 1, 2017 is incorporated as part of Landmark’s account disclosure information brochure.

Checking, Money Market Index Plus & Money Market

Account Research (per hour - minimum 1 hour)

Check Copy
Check Reconciliation (per hour - minimum 1 hour)
Forced Closure Fee
Overdraft Protection(per item)
Returned Check, Paid Overdraft, Courtesy Pay (per item)
Stop Payment (per order)
Check Printing (per 120ct box)
*starting at $19.10

*Fee varies depending upon check style and box count. First box of checks for new checking accounts is $19.10 unless special order placed.


Money Market Accounts

Minimum Balance Fee


ATM or Check Card Fees

ATM Empty Envelope

ATM or Check Card Overdraft (per transaction)
ATM Withdrawal Fees (each - after 12 free)
PIN Reminder Fee
Replacement Card/PIN Fee


Club Accounts

Withdrawals or Transfers (after the first 7 days the account is open - per transaction)



General Fees

Account Closing Fee (closed within 90 days)

Certified Check
Check Cashing Fee (1% of Check)
Check Collection Fee
Commercial Money Order (Western Union)
Copy of Statement (per statement period)
Corporate Check Withdrawal (after 1 free per day)
Dormant or Inactive Account Fee (per month)
Excess Transaction Fee (per item)

Foreign Check - All Except Canadian
Foreign Check - Canadian
Garnishment, Levy
Loan Payment - Written
Money Order Fee
Mortgage Subordination Fee
Night Deposit Bag (locked)
Ordered Rolled Coin (per roll)
Ordered Currency (per strap)
Returned Deposited Check
Returned or Collected Foreign Check
Returned Statement (Incorrect Address)
Safe Deposit Box Drilling Fee (Market - Minimum)
Safe Deposit Box Key Replacement (Market - Minimum)
Safe Deposit Box Late Fee
Service Support Fee (per phone call)
Traveler's Checks (one party)
No Charge
Traveler's Checks (two-party)
VISA Gift Cards
Voided Corporate Check (not used for purpose intended)
ea. $11.00
Wire Transfer (incoming domestic & foreign)
Wire Transfer (outgoing domestic)
Wire Transfer (outgoing foreign)
Wire Transfer Trace



† Fee applies when overdraft is created by check, in-person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal, or other electronic means. Opt-in for overdraft service may be required.